nice to meet you

Hey there, I’m Karen LaMarsh, the owner of Karen L Consulting.

I’m so glad you found me!

A few Superpowers of mine are: 

⚡️ Project Management

⚡️ Developing Extraordinary Cultures

⚡️ Building & Managing Thriving Teams.

Whether it’s getting your systems in place, developing an inspiring environment and culture or building an empowered team; Good news… that’s what I’m here for.

My main goal is to get your back office organized.  Taking ownership of  tasks & responsibilities and streamlining your business processes allows you to be in your Zone of Genius!

You and your team are the most important assets of your business.  Investing in both is priceless.  Taking the time to implement processes which create an inspired, supported and empowered team will 100% recession proof your business.  Allowing you and your business to not just “get through” a recession but THRIVE!

I can help you create the type of environment and culture which allows you to invest in yourself and your team.  How would it feel to have a fully empowered team working collaboratively to support you, your visions and your company?

I strive to be the strategic partner helping and guiding you with operations and your team. Being your right hand in managing the daily operations so you can focus on driving your business forward.

why work with me?

Many years in administrative and business manager roles has given me a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience. 

I had the privilege of working in the corporate world.  I have worked in large Wall Street financial companies, small businesses, family owned and solopreneurs.  Since early 2019 I started Karen L Consulting, supporting private clients by providing online business management services.

My love of project management, thriving cultures and empowering teams stems from everything I disliked working in the corporate world and with a couple of (ex) clients.

I feel it’s our duty as business owners to develop as great LEADERS!  Great Leaders lift others, inspire them to follow, lead through empathy.  With minimal effort show your team:  “I See You”, “I Care”.  Just slightly shift your perception of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.  

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