Episode 40 | June 7, 2022

As business owners, we’re all aware that self education is crucial to be a successful business.

This includes a general understanding of business finances which are such a vital part of any business.

Entrepreneurs need to keep track of their finances and make sure that they are not mismanaged.

Managing business finances is imperative, and mismanagement could lead to a massive threat to the business itself.

Today we are talking with our special guest Alex Sweetman about business finances.  She is going to show us how finances are not scary!

Let’s dig in!

Understanding the finances of your business with Alex Sweetman

About our Guest, Alex Sweetman

Alex is a Financial Strategist helping small business owners set themselves up for financial success within their businesses while keeping up with all their personal priorities.

Her passion for helping small business owners stemmed from her 10 year career in corporate accounting where Alex helped non-financial people understand financial topics.

When not working, you’ll find Alex chasing after her 2 boys with coffee in hand.

Contact Info for our Guest:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-sweetman-927933a3/

Website:  https://alexsweetman-financialstrategist.com

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