Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason

Episode 39 | May 31, 2022

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

People who have developed Emotional Intelligence skills also demonstrate skillful leadership, self-confidence, and the ability to influence others. 

Have you ever spent time with someone who seems to have a natural ease in their rapport & interactions with others, sort of a constant sense of empathy?

Emotional intelligence is a mindset that can propel your relations in every aspect of your life, not just business relationships.

Patricia Clason is going to help us better understand the impact of emotional intelligence.

Let’s dig in.

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Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason

About our Guest, Patricia Clason

For over forty years, Patricia Clason has traveled across the continent doing speeches, workshops and media appearances as a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, writer, and coach giving over 5,000 presentations for corporations, associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Now the Director of the Center for Creative Learning which offers emotional intelligence programs for personal and professional development, Patricia has written many articles, training programs and personal growth seminars and is a sought-after guest for radio and television.

As a consultant and business coach she works with large and small companies, as well as individuals, in the areas of start-up, marketing, and management skills and career building.

Patricia was the first to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the National Association of Business Coaches (now the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) and founder of the Business Coaching Certificate program at the School of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

A member of the boards of several non-profit organizations, Patricia is active in both charitable and civic organizations.

Patricia’s most recently published book, Speaking of Success, is co-authored with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. She is featured in “So What Do You Do?” Joel Comm’s book about the geniuses next door. Her forthcoming book, Everyday EQ, will feature tips for emotional intelligence in our everyday relationships.

Author of Taking It Lightly, an emotional intelligence weekend program, Healing Warrior Hearts, a similar program offered free for veterans, and the Successful Living Basic Training. Patricia has written over 50 programs for personal and professional development.

To keep all this together, and still have time for her family and herself, Patricia must truly practice what she teaches in the areas of communication, time management, and motivation, as well as business marketing, management, emotional intelligence and ethics.

Contact Information for Patricia Clason





Patricia Clason, Your “Everyday EQ Coach” 

Sought-after guest and host of podcasts, radio and television programs

Check out my newest program


We help veterans and trauma survivors heal and find their joy again!

Starfish Foundation and Healing Warrior Hearts

Veterans Health Coalition  #BeThere

NEW DATE: 14th Annual Dare to Be Aware Fair  

Contact Info:

Center for Creative Learning

Starfish Foundation / Healing Warrior Hearts
(414) 374-5433   (800) 236-4692
Mailing address: 2437 N Booth St, Milwaukee, WI  53212

Conference Center: 10919 W Bluemound Ave #50, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

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Real Life Startup Podcast Katelyn Hamilton Interview

Building A Multi 6 Figure Business Doing What You Love with Katelyn Hamilton

Episode 38 | May 24, 2022

Katelyn Hamilton is our special guest on today’s show. 

Katelyn has built a multi 6 figure business offering Online Business Manager Services.    

She has scaled her OBM business by serving multiple 6 figure CEO’s and helping them grow their business.

            Let’s dig in.

About our Guest, Katelyn Hamilton

Katelyn began her career in marketing and public relations in Nashville, Tennessee.

After working in the agency world for six years, she decided to pursue the entrepreneurship route to create more freedom and flexibility in her life.

Now, Katelyn works as an Online Business Manager and Business Coach where she helps entrepreneurs organize, strategize and prioritize the backend of their business to go from overwhelmed to out-in-front.

A Georgia grad, she bleeds red and black and is a diehard Georgia football fan, dog mom and outdoor enthusiast.

Contact Info for our Guest:

Instagram:  @hamilton.hq

Website:  www.katelynehamilton.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/katelynehamilton 

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Understanding the Basic Metrics and Analytics of your Business is POWERFUL and FUN with Kiva Slade!

Episode 37 | May 17, 2022

Don’t you love knowing exactly where to spend your time and resources to get the best ROI.

Don’t you love saving time knowing instead of guessing or assuming?

Don’t you love being ahead of your competition and making knowledge based decisions that move that needle in your business? 

Our guest today, Kiva Slade is going to share her knowledge and experience and hopefully by the end of this episode, you too will believe Metrics and Analytics are FUN!

About our Guest Kiva Slade:

Kiva is the Owner and Lead Consultant of The 516 Collaborative.

As an Analytics and Operations Consultant, she is committed to helping businesses use data and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

Kiva collaborates with her clients and gives them the high-level strategy, data, and operational excellence they need to show up as their best selves in their business and personal lives.

Kiva does this while honoring her values of integrity, candor, curiosity, optimism, and fun.

Kiva holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has over ten years of experience as a product and service-based entrepreneur.

Her 20 years of experience run the gamut from Legislative Director for a Congress member to chief encouragement officer for her children.

You can find her indulging in gluten-free desserts or a good book in her free time.

Contact Info for our Guest:

Website:  www.the516collaborative.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/kivaslade

Email:  hello@the516collaborative.com

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Ideas by the Hour with Nancy Zugschwert

Episode 36 | May 10, 2022

Ideas by the Hour, Nancy Zugschwert
Nancy Zugschwert

The entrepreneur world can be a bit lonely.  Especially when it comes to having a supportive environment to share ideas and collaborate.

 How great would it be to have a supportive strategist to work through a single specific idea?  Someone to bounce ideas around with and come up with a plan in a very short period of time.  

 No Long-term financial or time commitments, just actionable one-off solutions & strategies!

 Today we are talking with Nancy Zugschwert, who has designed Ideas by the Hour.  Designed to help entrepreneurs overcome specific, single hurdles, one obstacle at a time.

 Let’s dig in!

 About our Guest Nancy Zugschwert,

Nancy is the founder and chief communicator at Nancy Z UnLimited LLC and Ideas by the HourTM.  

 She specializes in helping people find clarity through words and ideas, whether starting a business, writing a book, or trying to get un-stuck when they’re not sure what the next best move is.

 Nancy has been communicating most of her life and for more than 30 years has used her skills in training & development, marketing & communications, public speaking, and writing for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. 

 She holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Leadership from North Central University and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and Spanish from St. Catherine University.

 Nancy lives in Minnesota with her husband, Jim. They have four grown sons (three married), and one grandson.

 Contact Info for our Guest:

Website:   https://nancyz.com/

LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyzunlimited/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/nancy_z_unlimited/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/NancyZUnLimited/

TikTok:  https://www.tiktok.com/@nancyzunlimited

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Living the Entrepreneur Dream While Teaching Others to Use Their Authentic Voice with Lisa Braithwaite

Episode 35 | May 3, 2022

How would like to engage and transform your audiences, with presentations that are true to your authentic self? 

Today, we are talking with Lisa Braithwaite, a brilliant entrepreneur who has built a sustainable and successful business helping other to express their true voices in a captivating manner.

Let’s dig in!

About our Guest, Lisa Braithwaite 

Lisa is on a mission to help purpose-driven business and nonprofit leaders build visibility, credibility, and awareness for their work through engaging presentations, a mindset of service, and #SpeakingUpForChange.

Her background as an advocate and trainer in the nonprofit sector and her degrees in theater and education have influenced her upbeat and accessible approach to public speaking training.

Lisa’s been hired by companies as diverse as Microsoft, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Massachusetts Association of Realtors®, and AgWest Commodities, and has been interviewed for her public speaking perspective and expertise in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Men’s Health, Toastmaster Magazine, and Inc.com.

Her book, “Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection,” was published in 2017.

Lisa models authentic, aligned, collaborative and FUN presentations using relevant, practical, and useful content that moves the audience into action.

Contact Info for our Guest:

Website: https://coachlisab.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachlisab/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachlisab/

Free eBook, “21 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Presentations” https://coachlisab.com/free-gift.html

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Jen Youngquist

Attracting Your Soul Mate Partner and Living a Life of True Love with Jen Youngquist

Episode 34 | April 26, 2022

Do you believe in true love?  Do you wish it was a part of YOUR live? 

Today we are talking with Dating Coach Jen Youngquist.  She’s is going to help us better understand how to attract our Soul Mate Partner and enjoy a life of true love.

I know I can’t wait another second, so let’s get right into it. 

About our Guest, Jen Youngquist

Jen is a dating coach, a yoga teacher, and energy expert.

She has studied energy and transformation through yoga teacher training, certifications in Reiki and Naisha Ashian’s Primus Activation, multiple shamanic workshops and her own energy practices.

She’s been through several coach training programs (Robbins-Madanes, Strategic Intervention, and is working through Sacred Depths with Joanna Lindenbaum).

She is a native of Cincinnati, OH and lives there with her husband and her two kitties.
Prior to meeting her husband, she had a really hard time with relationships.

Starting at the age of 15 with a narcissistic psychopath, two busted proposals and several others that turned out to be some level of emotionally unavailable.

Most of these relationships ended up sucking 2-4 years of her life.

By the time she was 35, most of her friends, coworkers, and even younger cousins were all partnered up!

She was beginning to think that maybe she was just not marriage material or that lasting love was not in the cards for her.

That all changed when she decided to go on a journey to figure out how to shift this pattern. She discovered The Law of Attraction which gave her enough empowerment to make the changes necessary in order to attract the man that is now her husband. 

When she started her coaching practice a few years later, she knew exactly who she wanted to help – other women that, like her, were feeling hopeless and discouraged when it came to finding lasting love. 

She created The Path to Partnership Program which is a 1:1 program that helps women figure out what is mucking up their attraction signal and shift it so they can find The One. 

Contact Info for our Guest:

Website:  https://jenyoungquist.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenyoungquist/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenyoungquist/

The Path to Partnership FB Group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/pathtopartnership

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Notion an All-in-One Workspace with Julie Ann Price

Episode 33 | April 19, 2022

All business owners understand the impact of having poor project management.   Disorganization in your business causes missed deadlines, unreliable customer journeys, floundering team engagement and just plain chaos.

 With so many options which one is best for your business?  

 Today we’re talking with Julie Ann Price, a Notion Expert.

 So what is Notion?  Notion is an all-in-one workspace.   It’s part project management tool and part note-taking app.

 Let’s jump right in find out why Julie Ann loves Notion!

 About our Guest, Julie Ann Price

Julie Ann Price spent a good portion of her life planning events and conventions. 

After 28 years in the hospitality industry, she retired and began the “third phase” of her life. She loves this phase as she can fully embrace her freedom and control over her day.

Her love of experimenting with schedules and what to prioritize in a day lead her to the Notion platform and she now designs Notion databases for her customers. She uses Notion personally to tackle all kinds of new hobbies and interests as part of her personal bucket list.

She is breaking with traditional living and doing things “MY WAY” (cue Frank Sinatra here 😄). 

Julie Ann lives in the ever-changing Northeast of the US with her two furry monsters – Sasquatch (Sazzie) and Cookie Monster. They often cameo in podcasts and videos as they defend the castle from ferocious squirrel attacks.

 Contact Info for our Guest:

Find her Notion products at www.LifeEditAndDesign.com




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Creating Realistic and Sustainable Change in your Relationships with Rachel Elder

Episode 32 | April 12, 2022

Do you crave realistic, sustainable change in your intimate relationships?

Have you been so focused on your business that you know realize it’s time to invest in your intimate relationships? 

Our special guest Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach Rachel Elder is going to guide us on how we can all reignite that spark in our most essential areas of our life.

I can’t wait to share this episode with you.

About Our Guest, Rachel Elder

Rachel Elder is a Couples Therapist and Relationship coach helping career-driven women create a passionate relationship with their partners.

She is a mom to a two-year-old, wife of a fellow entrepreneur, and lover of iced mochas and the office. 

Contact Info for our Guest

https://racheleldercoaching.com/ my opt-in is on my home page which is a weekly relationship check-in guide which can be a helpful resource that will go along with our conversation.



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Real Life Startup Podcast Trailer – Updated

April 11, 2022

Welcome to the Real Life Startup Podcast.  I’m your host Karen LaMarsh and I’m excited you’re here!

When I was starting my online business, I felt overwhelmed at times.  Podcasts were the perfect learning tool for me, hopefully for you too. 

I totally geek out on podcasts and love learning about new ones to binge on.

This is a community for dreamers – people who are looking to get out of the day-to-day business activities, but not sure where to even begin?

If you’re tired of endlessly striving to work ON your business instead of IN IT, then you’re in the right place!

No one wants to be that entrepreneur who starts a business and ends up owning a job.

You have worked hard to build a six-figure business, so now it’s time to strip down the processes of scaling and growing into the next stage. 

So Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dig in.  Let’s have some real conversations about systems, automation, team building, strategy, scaling, personal development, mindset and some work/life balance.

I started Real Life Startup Podcast with the hopes of building a community of Real Woman.  Real Life Ladies juggling families, kids, pets, friends, trying to get in a little self care, all while scaling a successful business!

Every Tuesday, I have a fresh new episode for you.  I know how busy we all are, so I promise to try and keep it under 30 minutes!  Although sometimes our interviews are just too good to keep at 30 minutes.

What about Energetic Healing?

Episode 31 | April 5, 2022

Wellness is more than eating healthy foods and moving your body.

There is also the quest for peace and freedom.  There are practices that support nourishing your body from the inside out.  That includes your energy and anything that might be blocking it.

What about Energetic Healing?

Energetic healing can soothe and clear away old trapped, blocked oftentimes hidden emotions

Let’s chat with Christine Kivett and find out more about how we can heal from the inside out.

About Our Guest, Christine Kivett

Christine Kivett began a career that would allow her to follow her true passion: helping others.  

Too many people feel stuck in life, but they can’t put their finger on what’s holding them back from pursuing and achieving their goals.

She decided that a certification in hypnotherapy would be the best way to go.

Christine is now certified in traditional hypnotherapy, regression hypnotherapy, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

In addition, she is a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki Healer.

Christine’s Certifications:

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Level 1 QHHT Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regressionist

Regression Therapist

Belief Reactivator

Owner – Whole Healings, LLC

Intuitive Healing Hypnotherapist

Reiki Certified Level 1 & 2

Certified NLP Coach

Emotional Energy Healer

Belief Coding Practitioner

Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Level 2 QHHT Hypnotherapist

Certified Level 3 QHHT Hypnotherapist
Soul Speak Certified

Contact Info for our Guest, Christine Kivett




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