zKLC Coloring Corner Monthly


A monthly subscription of printable pages filled with fun coloring pages & educational activities for kids of all ages. 

Each month you’ll receive:

  • A minimum of 20 pages of pages of fun, whimsical and inspiring pages.   
  • Our Membership Coloring Pages include some exclusive pages which are not available for sale to the public.
  • a PDF and PNG file for each image.  PDF for printing out, PNG for uploading to a device so you can color in a coloring app.

On the 15th of each month, keep an eye out for your Membership Bundle in your inbox!  All this for $5.99 per month.

This is a monthly subscription, and you will be charged each month, and can cancel at any time!  Email us at ColoringPages@KarenLConsulting.com before the 13th of the month.

Have fun creating and learning! 


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