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LinkedIn Profile Copy:

Building a targeted network of connections, along with developing and nurturing your connections is the key to using LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a powerful tool when utilized to its fullest potential.  This includes having a fully Optimized Profile.

This is the first impression your business connections will have of you.  Why not put your best foot forward, stand out above others and SHINE!

Allow me to share some Tips & Tricks I learned so you can avoid some of the common pit falls people make with their Profiles.

"About" Page
(website, blog or live events) :

Your “About” page on your website or your blog is the first place your potential customers/clients will go.  They want to know who are you, so tell them?

This is where you can be personal, vulnerable, tell your story, share your journey.  What brought you to where you are today?

Customers and clients want to know, so SHARE with them!

This is your first impression, stand out and SHINE!

Let me help you tell your story and start building those relationships with your potential clients and customers.

Sales Letter Copy:

A sales letter is a marketing tool that promotes your goods or service. The objective is to persuade the readers to purchase the service or product you are offering.  

Choosing the right words is only half the battle, you also have to present those words so that they catch the eye.

The best sales letters follow a proven formula.  Containing specific elements in a strategic order.   Most importantly, answering the question in every reader’s mind, “What’s in it for me?”