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What you should know

Your website is your number one business tool.  You have invested time, energy & resources creating a website that reflects you and attracts your ideal clients.  Did you know that you are responsible for the security of your WordPress website?  I offer website management services so you can invest your time in what you do best; building your business & client relationships. 

I specialize in website management for business that are dedicated to the pet industry.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is website management?

While WordPress is powerful and easy to use, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure your website continues to operate without any issues and converts your visitors into customers.  Management can be broken down into three categories:  security, content management, and website support.

Security:  Website security is the most important component of any good website management service.  Making sure your site is secure and that the platform on which it is built is up-to-date is a vital component of any management service.  It includes management tasks such as setting up good firewalls and things to block potential hackers, updating your WordPress, Theme and Plugins.

Content:  This is the second most important component of any website management service. A website should never be static, it requires regular updates. Consistently adding high-quality content to your website ensures a successful website.  Managing content such as adding blog posts, newsletters, lead magnets and photographs or videos, fixing website pages, removing spam comments can be complicated and time consuming.

Support:  General website support such as:

  • Backup Website – backing up your website is crucial because it allows you to quickly get back online in the even your website or your host is compromised.
  • Test the site across browsers, look at page
  • Review analytics
  • Check loading times
  • Test the forms
  • Adding email addresses

Why do I need it?

Do I need someone to manage my WordPress website for me?

      The answer can vary depending on how hands-on you like to be.  Consider the following scenarios: 

  • your website crashes for whatever reason, and now you can’t get it back up.
  • do you have a recent copy of your website stored somewhere?
  • what happens if your hosting provider gets hacked and your website is compromised or deleted? 

How does it work?

Website management is an ongoing monthly service.  You pay a monthly fee for services which can range from just one hour per month for basic website maintenance to several hours per month for the Pro website maintenance program. 

Each website has its own needs.  That’s why all website management services are tailored to the business needs and goals set by you.  Here is a look at some of the tasks that can be performed as part of your website management service. 

The Starter and Premium packages, are our most popular; however we can customize a package which meet your needs.


$60 per month


$180 per month

all content, images, keywords and categories provided by the client.