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Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call.  We will discuss your business needs and how I can be of service.

Let’s make sure that we are a great fit together!

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Review, sign and return your customized contract.  Pay your first invoice.

Step Three

Let’s get to work!




See what my clients have to say:

Karen’s attention to detail and ability to simplify my life has been paramount over these last 2 months! She has been able to institute systems that have made an immediate impact on my ability to function. Karen brings a multifaceted skill set that really helps my partners and I work on the most important tasks at hand, knowing that some of the more mundane but painstaking tasks are taken care of very well. I highly recommend Karen to any entrepreneurs and executives needing that added boost of help to free up what you do best! You will not be sorry.

Ryan Vevon Rapaport

Building the Future of #Cannabis Brand & Culture | @Ry_Rap

I absolutely love love love the linked in bio you created for me. It’s absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have done a better job myself.

I can’t believe how quickly you learned all about me & were able to sum it up so well and with ALL the most pertinent points. 

Thank you. Your conscientious efforts in listening to the client’s needs really showed in the bio you’ve created for me.

I very much appreciate your precision & will definitely highly recommend you. Be well, BioHack & OLO!!

—Shayna Melissa Stockman

It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

You quickly and efficiently prepared my email campaign and completed the work to an exceptional standard in less time than was quoted. I appreciated that you took the time at the beginning of the project to ask relevant questions to get clarity from me.  This helped us both to understand fully the expectations and scope of work and save time in the process. Your initiative and resourcefulness shone through and are highly valuable, showing that you are diligent in problem-solving as well. 

I highly recommend your services and work! The program 

Kristen Franey

Founder, Your Compass Within

Karen has been magnificent to work with. I don’t say that too often. But, she is more than responsible and efficient. She takes initiative. If I could I would make her a permanent member of my team. Don’t hesitate to work with her.

Jan Harrison,
CEO and Founder of Portelle

Karen is very professional and highly trusted to deliver high-quality deliverables. I reached out to her to help me with creating legal documents for my website and contracts to launch my business. 

She was very responsive and professional and provided me with different options to choose from. I highly recommend her and I will definitely work with her again.

Yasmine G.

I asked Karen for some help in sorting out my Email accounts, not just one, I had four! I have this really bad habit of opening them and just leaving them there. What I needed was some sort of filing system but I didn’t know where to start! this is where Karen came in, my super organized fairy!

Not only did she save me hours of my time, she saved me so much stress. She created folders that matched what ’type’ of email I had, it was really easy to figure out where to put any new ones. Karen also created a ‘delete’ file, she didn’t delete anything but put all the emails that she thought needed deleting in this folder…. when I looked at it, she was SPOT ON!! No one will ever understand how much she has helped me, as lame as it sounds, I stressed so bad even thinking about sorting it out. It’s done so perfectly now!

All I need to do is keep on top of it or I will just hire Karen full time!! 

We used Karen’s services to edit our educational website and travel trip itineraries. Her services were very thoughtful, detailed, and helpful. She was constantly updating us with the completed tasks and she was very fast in doing it. If you rely on her services, you can definitely trust that you will have a good result in the end. We would certainly recommend Karen L Consulting for their Virtual Assistant and editing services.

Flavia Barile
Marketing Manager

Colibri Travel Tours & Cogito World Education

Karen helped me with some tasks. She is totally, reliable and efficient! Having someone else attend to the tasks that I dismiss and hope will just go away, not only relieved me of certain pressure, but energized me. Seeing them done, felt organized and gave me a surge of confidence towards moving forwards. Karen created automations and spreadsheets for me. She created the system that I can now follow without having to use too much brain space! She is supportive and loves doing the tasks that you don’t. A perfect match!

Leah Zimmerman

Go from feeling frustrated, isolated and emotionally drained by family business conflict to fearless leadership. Lead your family towards harmonious relationships all the while building a lucrative business.