The Truth About Imposter Syndrome with Rachel Lounds

Episode 26 | February 22, 2022

Have you ever felt a little uncertain in what you do?  Have you ever had a little trouble at times with your confidence?

Today we’re talking with Rachel Lounds with The Poschology Collective about Imposter Syndrome.

One of those things, that everyone talks about, but no one talks about.

There is a lot of information out there about Imposter Syndrome, but wowzer, you would be surprised to learn how much of it is incorrect or misleading.

Listen to today’s episode if you want to learn the real deal about Imposter Syndrome.

About Our Guest, Rachel Lounds The Poschology Collective

Rachel is a Confidence coach and Imposter Syndrome Specialist helping women overcome self doubt and imposter syndrome to reach their career and personal goals.

She is a licensed associate of The Imposter Syndrome Institute, the worlds #1 source of imposter syndrome solutions, to deliver the Rethinking Imposter Syndrome program, it is her mission to help professional women bridge the confidence gap to become to excel professionally and personally.

Rachel has over 25 years working in advertising and has always had a deep interest in human behavior and positive psychology, so after quitting her job in advertising she decided to retrain to become a coach and focus on the very real but detrimental consequences of imposter syndrome on female success.

Rachel trained with the Australian Institute of Professional Coaching gaining a Life Coaching Diploma in June 2020. She has a BA in English from Lancaster University England, studied Introduction to Psychology from Monash University and with the world leading expert in imposter syndrome Dr Valerie Young at the Imposter Syndrome Institute.

Rachel loves helping her clients power up their potential to ditch self doubt, find their purpose and maximize their careers and lives through 1:1 coaching, group coaching and interactive workshops.

Connect with Rachel for a FREE 15 minute consultation to talk about where you are at, what you would like to change and how to make that happen or to discuss bringing the Rethinking Imposter Syndromeprogram to your organization or team.

Our Guest, Rachel Lounds Contact info:

Website: https://poschologycollective.thinkific.com/

Rethinking Imposter Syndrome:  https://poschologycollective.thinkific.com/courses/rethinking-impostor-syndrome

Instagram: @pos_chology

Linked In: Rachel-lounds

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