Episode 37 | May 17, 2022

Don’t you love knowing exactly where to spend your time and resources to get the best ROI.

Don’t you love saving time knowing instead of guessing or assuming?

Don’t you love being ahead of your competition and making knowledge based decisions that move that needle in your business? 

Our guest today, Kiva Slade is going to share her knowledge and experience and hopefully by the end of this episode, you too will believe Metrics and Analytics are FUN!

About our Guest Kiva Slade:

Kiva is the Owner and Lead Consultant of The 516 Collaborative.

As an Analytics and Operations Consultant, she is committed to helping businesses use data and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

Kiva collaborates with her clients and gives them the high-level strategy, data, and operational excellence they need to show up as their best selves in their business and personal lives.

Kiva does this while honoring her values of integrity, candor, curiosity, optimism, and fun.

Kiva holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has over ten years of experience as a product and service-based entrepreneur.

Her 20 years of experience run the gamut from Legislative Director for a Congress member to chief encouragement officer for her children.

You can find her indulging in gluten-free desserts or a good book in her free time.

Contact Info for our Guest:

Website:  www.the516collaborative.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/kivaslade

Email:  hello@the516collaborative.com

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