Episode 33 | April 19, 2022

All business owners understand the impact of having poor project management.   Disorganization in your business causes missed deadlines, unreliable customer journeys, floundering team engagement and just plain chaos.

 With so many options which one is best for your business?  

 Today we’re talking with Julie Ann Price, a Notion Expert.

 So what is Notion?  Notion is an all-in-one workspace.   It’s part project management tool and part note-taking app.

 Let’s jump right in find out why Julie Ann loves Notion!

 About our Guest, Julie Ann Price

Julie Ann Price spent a good portion of her life planning events and conventions. 

After 28 years in the hospitality industry, she retired and began the “third phase” of her life. She loves this phase as she can fully embrace her freedom and control over her day.

Her love of experimenting with schedules and what to prioritize in a day lead her to the Notion platform and she now designs Notion databases for her customers. She uses Notion personally to tackle all kinds of new hobbies and interests as part of her personal bucket list.

She is breaking with traditional living and doing things “MY WAY” (cue Frank Sinatra here 😄). 

Julie Ann lives in the ever-changing Northeast of the US with her two furry monsters – Sasquatch (Sazzie) and Cookie Monster. They often cameo in podcasts and videos as they defend the castle from ferocious squirrel attacks.

 Contact Info for our Guest:

Find her Notion products at www.LifeEditAndDesign.com




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