Episode 39 | May 31, 2022

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

People who have developed Emotional Intelligence skills also demonstrate skillful leadership, self-confidence, and the ability to influence others. 

Have you ever spent time with someone who seems to have a natural ease in their rapport & interactions with others, sort of a constant sense of empathy?

Emotional intelligence is a mindset that can propel your relations in every aspect of your life, not just business relationships.

Patricia Clason is going to help us better understand the impact of emotional intelligence.

Let’s dig in.

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Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason

About our Guest, Patricia Clason

For over forty years, Patricia Clason has traveled across the continent doing speeches, workshops and media appearances as a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, writer, and coach giving over 5,000 presentations for corporations, associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Now the Director of the Center for Creative Learning which offers emotional intelligence programs for personal and professional development, Patricia has written many articles, training programs and personal growth seminars and is a sought-after guest for radio and television.

As a consultant and business coach she works with large and small companies, as well as individuals, in the areas of start-up, marketing, and management skills and career building.

Patricia was the first to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the National Association of Business Coaches (now the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) and founder of the Business Coaching Certificate program at the School of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

A member of the boards of several non-profit organizations, Patricia is active in both charitable and civic organizations.

Patricia’s most recently published book, Speaking of Success, is co-authored with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. She is featured in “So What Do You Do?” Joel Comm’s book about the geniuses next door. Her forthcoming book, Everyday EQ, will feature tips for emotional intelligence in our everyday relationships.

Author of Taking It Lightly, an emotional intelligence weekend program, Healing Warrior Hearts, a similar program offered free for veterans, and the Successful Living Basic Training. Patricia has written over 50 programs for personal and professional development.

To keep all this together, and still have time for her family and herself, Patricia must truly practice what she teaches in the areas of communication, time management, and motivation, as well as business marketing, management, emotional intelligence and ethics.

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Patricia Clason, Your “Everyday EQ Coach” 

Sought-after guest and host of podcasts, radio and television programs

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