Episode 45 | July 12, 2022

The Kolbe System™ is the only program which measures conation, which just means how people take action.  People are born with natural ways of doing things. 

Here is a quick story to explain.

I took the Kolbe assessment and had a session with Elizabeth to understand my results.  You really do need a consultant to walk you through the results.

My entire life, my head is just constantly filled with ideas, every second I have THE NEXT BEST THING on this planet or something new to try, see or learn about.  My Mom, Nancy reacts to my ideas with what I believed was negativity. 

I would sometime not share my ideas with her, I just didn’t want to hear it from Negative Nancy as I called her.  She would get annoyed with me, her favorite saying was all you do is fly by the seat of your pants.

After reviewing my assessment with Elizabeth, it was like a lightening bolt that changed how I saw those conversations with my mom.  Mom is the type of person who assesses risk, that is her natural way of doing things.  She wasn’t being negative, she was concerned.  Knowing that I can see how my ideas would make her head spin.  I am forever grateful to Elizabeth.

Imagine your team, working hard to support you and helping you grow.  How priceless would it be to TRULY know your team.  For you team to understand each other and work as a whole and utilize each other’s natural ways of being, learning and doing.

Wouldn’t it be kind and respectful to work within people’s natural ways and enhancing them and empowering them.

Let’s Dig in!

Empower Your Team Using the Kolbe A Index with Elizabeth Cook

About My Guest, Elizabeth Cook:

Elizabeth is a Productivity and Team Collaboration Consultant who works with entrepreneurs.

Using a tool called the Kolbe A™ Index, she helps business owners fast track their knowledge of how their team works best together so that they can reach solutions quickly with little frustration.

Contact Links for Elizabeth Cook:

Website:  Elizabeth Cook Consulting

LinkedIn:  Elizabeth on LinkedIn

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