Episode 46 | July 19, 2022

Have you considered the significance of sharing your experience and knowledge with others?

Or maybe you’re driven to become a published author for the massive potential rewards.  This is what would drive me, personally, just saying!

Our Fabulous guest today is, Jennifer Crosswhite.  Jennifer empowers entrepreneurs by guiding them to becoming published book authors. 

She has a powerful proven record of helping you take some simple ideas floating in your head, and using her special step-by-step process, creating a master piece published book.

Jennifer Crosswhite, Real Life Startup Podcast

About My Guest, Jennifer Crosswhite:

Jennifer Crosswhite, owns Tandem Services, a company that empowers authors to improve their craft, develop their writing careers, find community, and create effective commerce around their books.

Her twenty years’ experience spans both sides of the publishing desk, from managing editor to author of 16 books and counting.

Contact Links for Jennifer Crosswhite:

Website:  TandemServicesInk.com

LinkedIn:  jennifercrosswhite

YouTube Channel:  You Tube

Email:  jennifer@TandemServicesInk.com

Let’s Dig in!

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