Episode 48 | August 2, 2022

Today we’re going to talk about Building a Community. 

Our Special guest today is Natalie Klun.  Let’s Dig In and learn about developing & growing environments for creating, sharing and connecting.

About our Special Guest, Natalie Klun:

Natalie Klun helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals build their #1 business asset – a community, by building and growing a community brand.

She’ll equip you with strategy, tools, and support to build and consistently grow a community brand by implementing simple daily habits to attract, find, and nurture relationships with community members while moving towards your specific sales and business goals.

She’s the founder of Community Brand Builder, a done for your community brand building service.

Creator of Confidence when Selling, a done with you digital service to help you overcome resistance to selling.

The author of the book, Taking the Sell Out of Sales.

And the founder of the Community, Wildly – a community dedicated to the change seekers, impact makers, and dream chasers who create happiness and success on their own terms.

She has spent 25 years in sales and 18 years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

She says that her purpose is to share her experience with others, spread more love, light, and positivity into the world by doing what she loves and helping others build community so they too can spread more light, love, and positivity into the world.

Building a Community with Natalie Klun

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