Creating Realistic and Sustainable Change in your Relationships with Rachel Elder

Episode 32 | April 12, 2022

Do you crave realistic, sustainable change in your intimate relationships?

Have you been so focused on your business that you know realize it’s time to invest in your intimate relationships? 

Our special guest Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach Rachel Elder is going to guide us on how we can all reignite that spark in our most essential areas of our life.

I can’t wait to share this episode with you.

About Our Guest, Rachel Elder

Rachel Elder is a Couples Therapist and Relationship coach helping career-driven women create a passionate relationship with their partners.

She is a mom to a two-year-old, wife of a fellow entrepreneur, and lover of iced mochas and the office. 

Contact Info for our Guest

https://racheleldercoaching.com/ my opt-in is on my home page which is a weekly relationship check-in guide which can be a helpful resource that will go along with our conversation.



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