Foundations of a Successful Business w/ Tammy Johnston

Episode 15 | December 14, 2021

The statistics on small business failure rates is staggering.  Here are the percentages of small business that fail:

          20% in 1st year
30% by end of their 2nd year
50% by the end of their 5th year
Within a decade only 30% of businesses remain open

That is a 70% failure rate!

Once way to ensure your success is to set your business up to be successful.

Do you have all the foundational systems & skills in place to help drive you and your business to be successful?

Today we are going to talk with Tammy Johnston from KSA Business about foundational systems & skills.

Tammy Johnston
KSA Business
Website:  ksabusiness.ca
Email:  tammy@ksabusiness.ca

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